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I'm Jhoneé


This is us

I am most importantly a mother of two young, happy boys. I am a graphic designer, organizer and an event planner. I grew up with my cattle ranching family in Colorado and after completing college I relocated to Santa Cruz for a handful of years. I am currently living and loving life in the small country-town of Gustine, California.


My dream is to make the world a more beautiful place in terms of design, functionality & efficiency whenever and wherever possible through creativity, inspiration & intuition. I am a creative, energetic gal with a sense of humor and compassion. I am a multi-tasking maniac and an organizational fanatic.


Although I've been designing for years, I've recently transitioned my design company into the Davenport Company at the start of 2019 after being thoroughly inspired by our beautiful new house, which I am blessed to work out of. My company encompasses all of my passions such as designing, organizing and event planning.


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The House

The Davenport House was the inspiration behind Davenport Company. This landmark to Gustine, Ca. was built in 1931 by A.D. Davenport who lived in it with his family for most of it’s standing.

All of my loves are under one roof. My family, passion for design, and my love for organizing are all coming out of my home.  With my beautiful backyard I hope to one day host many events in the community that are not only meaningful but also extremely beautiful. I love the numerous and precise details that go into creating a beautiful space as well as planning the event itself.  Stay tuned folks…

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Another passion of mine is organizing. I wholeheartedly LOVE organization. I have such inspiration to transform spaces efficiently and beautifully. I love to figure out systems and functions and lay them out in a way everyone can succeed. I love the process of planning events and maintaining schedules. I love to organize the most simple items to the big stuff. I am squirming in my chair right now just to share this information with you. Don’t worry, I am not an overwhelming bursting ray of sunshine but I am a composed person filled with inspiration and determination.


Missplaced Organizing was started in 2005. Missplaced focuses on organizing physical clutter, developing systems and setting up events for residential and business clients. 



The Studio

It is candy to my eyes to work and live with colors, patterns and textures.


At Davenport Design, I design and create branding, logos, print material, packaging, invitations, marketing material and social media.


I believe in making the world a more beautiful place in terms of design, functionality and efficiently whenever and wherever possible through creativity, inspiration and intuition.


In my process, I develop an understanding of each client’s unique interest, goals and visions. I provide options and revisions while maintaining individualized tastes, timelines and budgets. Every client wants to feel a sense of satisfaction, a personalized experience, content with their dollar spent, safe to communicate and welcomed by the organization.

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